The Sexiest Summer Perfumes—Ever

Alle Connell

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Every woman needs a good sexy summer perfume. Hey, as the temperatures rise, what goes better with a sundress than a seriously seductive fragrance? Exactly. But choosing a decent scent can be a challenge—or it was until now. We’ve rounded up our picks for the sexiest summer perfumes ever—scents that are sultry, seductive and work especially well in warm weather. Prepare to fall in lust.


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Diana Vreeland Parfums, Simply Divine ($185).

A hundred years ago, tuberose was considered so seductive that unmarried girls weren’t allowed to walk unaccompanied in gardens where it bloomed. Today, this big white floral is a common note in many fragrances—but we think it’s shown to its best advantage in Simply Divine. A gorgeously blooming, eminently sexy fragrance, Simply Divine weaves tuberose between bright green leaves, opening up into a veritable garden of jasmine and orange blossom. And the design? Forget it; the heavy, violet glass bottle looks like something Grace Kelly would keep on her vanity. Simply Divine IS simply divine.

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TokyoMilk Dark, La Vie La Mort ($36).

Sexy summer perfumes don’t have to cost a fortune if you know the brands to look for, and TokyoMilk is definitely the leader of the affordable, but not cheap-smelling, fragrance change. La Vie La Mort is a surprisingly innocent and refreshing scent—perfect for the girl next store who wants to hint at her vampier side. here, tuberose is blended with hibiscus and a hint of cardamom to round it out and give it some depth. Surprisingly long-lasting, throughout the day this mellows into a rich honey fragrance that is as gorgeous as it is unexpected.

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Chantecaille, Tiare ($175).

Tahitian gardenias, with their rounded, lush blooms, are hands down the sexiest flowers of summer. Combine them with unbelievably voluptuous notes of lily of the valley, rose, jasmine and vanilla and you have Tiare. This perfume is tropical, but not in a tacky Hawaiian shirt kind of way—it’s more like a totally unspoiled beach in paradise. It clings close to your skin for that lean-in-to-me effect, this is the rare sexy perfume that manages to be appropriate both at work and on a hot date.

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CLEAN, Skin ($69).

Musk is supposed to closely resemble what human pheromones smell like, which makes musk-based fragrances the ultimate weapon in seduction. The trick in summer is finding a musk-based fragrance that isn’t overpoweringly heavy—and Skin is exactly that. It’s oh-so-subtly floral in a way that ensures that the musk remains summer friendly, and it’s creamy without verging on powdery. Skin isn’t an overbearing fragrance; more like an extra dose of pheromones that enhance your own scent in the sexiest possible way.

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Frederic Malle, Carnal Flower ($250).

This is the ultimate in sexy perfumes: voluptuous and all-encompassing, it’s as unusual as it is delicious. Think dreamy tuberose cut with a hint of eucalyptus, then opened up more fully with jasmine, orange blossom and a hint of coconut mingling with musk. It’s quite green, but not in a rainforest kind of way—more like the dewy petals of white flowers delivered to your door by a secret admirer. It’s sweet, but not sickly so, and sexy in a very clever way that works especially well in the heat of summer. If you like your seduction intellectual, this is the fragrance for you.

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