Serena Williams Gets Her Favorite Curly Hair Products at Target

Serena Williams Gets Her Favorite Curly Hair Products at Target
Photo: John Walton/PA Images For Getty Images.

If there’s one area with which we trust Serena Williams’ expertise, it’s beauty. She literally glows both on and off the red carpet, and she’s usually rocking gorgeous textured hairstyles, too. It’s easy to assume the star drops big bills on her beauty look, since it’s always so glam—but, if you know your stuff, you know that the athlete doesn’t believe in overpriced products. Instead, she looks for practical, yet high-quality items from the Disney World of shopping: Target.

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“Beauty-wise, I go to Target… they literally have everything,” she recently told Allure. (She’s not wrong.) “Anything that says ‘curls,’ ‘manage your curls,’ ‘proud of your curls,’ I’m drawn to it. There’s so much out there for natural hair and curly hair and black hair, which I love. I’ve literally tried everything.”

Another reason she’s drawn to Target: the store’s recent push for inclusivity. In the past few months alone, Target has made a point to stock more black-owned beauty brands, and feature a more diverse range of models in their advertisements. Williams appreciates the initiative: “If the ads use black women or women like me, then I think, ‘Okay, I’m going to try this product.’ But if they have ads with anyone who doesn’t look like me, I usually don’t try it.”

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If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it. Go to your nearest Target and stock up on some of Williams’ favorite brands, like Miss Jessie’s and Curls.