Sephora’s Updated Promo Code Policy Means Great Things For Your Wallet

Andrea Jordan
Sephora’s Updated Promo Code Policy Means Great Things For Your Wallet
Photo: ImaxTree.

There are two types of shoppers in the world. Those who love a good deal, look for coupons and have the most fun shopping sales and those who are lucky enough to get what they need whether a discount is applied or not. For those who consider themselves part of the former, Sephora’s promo codes update are here to turn an otherwise uneventful Wednesday into the best day ever.

That’s because the beauty HQ just announced a new feature that will allow consumers to combine promotion codes when purchasing their favorite makeup, skin care and hair products. We’ve all been in a situation when it was assumed stacking promotion codes would be allowed, only to see the code field disappear after one entry. Gone are those days, at least temporarily, according to the Sephora Beauty Insider Community chat group.

While some promo codes aren’t combinable with other offers, entering two or more codes on one order means more, better and greater deals and freebies than ever before. To start, consumers are now able to use Rouge Rewards in addition to a Beauty Offer Promo. So in case you needed anymore convincing, signing up for the Sephora Beauty Insider program is totally worth it.

Right now, the brand is testing this feature in lieu of a permanent change. So far, Sephora shoppers are unsurprisingly ecstatic about the new change. It might take some time to learn what codes work together and which don’t, so don’t worry if you get an error message on your first try. From the looks of it, this new feature is a major win.