Sephora + Pantone Team Up to Help Find Your Perfect Concealer and Lipstick

Alle Connell

By now, every beauty obsessed babe knows—and loves—Sephora’s Color IQ foundation shade matching system. Launched in 2012, this free color matching service ensures that the days of wearing the wrong color BB are over forever.

And just when we thought no one was hearing our cries of “please make my shopping even easier!” Sephora + Pantone go and step their game up yet again by expanding the service to offer concealer and lip color matching. You heard us correctly: if you have five minutes, you can find the perfect under eye concealer or your ultimate Fall berry lipstick. Our days of messing with those germ-filled lipstick sample racks are over, thank goodness.

sephora pantone color iq

Photos via Sephora + Pantone

The process itself couldn’t be easier. You begin by getting your Pantone SkinTone number: a device that looks a little like a digital thermometer is held against your skin in three different places while it takes color-accurate photos. From this data, you’re given a SkinTone number that tells you how dark or light your skin is on a scale of 1 to 15, what kind of undertone your skin has and even how strong that undertone is. This number can be saved to your Sephora Beauty Insider account, so you never have to worry about forgetting it.

And then things get really exciting. If you’re looking for a concealer, you tell the system what you’ll be using it for: concealing under eye circles, or to use on your face to even out skin tone and hide blemishes. Then you decide whether you want coverage (so the product will match your skin exactly) or a brightening effect (so it will be half a shade lighter), and the Color IQ system tells you which of Sephora’s 400 concealers are the perfect product matches for you.

But perhaps the most revolutionary function is when it comes to lipsticks. Up until now, finding the perfect lip color has involved spending hours in the aisles, testing shades from wrist to shoulder, and still somehow managing to buy an unflattering color that we swear looked great in the store.

Say goodbye to all that.

With your SkinTone number in hand, you tell the Color IQ system whether you’re looking for a red, pink, nude, coral, berry or unconventional lip color (like blue, green or purple). You tell it what kind of finish you want (matte, satin, glitter, gloss, sheer), any brands you’re especially interested in, formulation (think longwear or liquid), any ingredients you want to avoid (parabens, fragrance) and even whether you want it to have built-in SPF. And then, out of Sephora’s 3500 lip colors, you’re given a list of products that not only compliment your skin tone perfectly, but that meet all of your additional criteria. From there, you can either hit the aisles and try the colors on to your heart’s content, or have your customized shopping list emailed to you.

sephora color id lip match

Photo via Sephora + Pantone

And the best thing, other than that the service is 100% free? It really works. We were lucky enough to test this out, and got a list of our Pantone-approved perfect red lip colors that included some all-time favorites, as well as new shades that we were stoked to test out. As predicted, they all looked amazing for our skin tone—and the entire process, from color matching to trying the products on, took under five minutes.

We officially feel like The Jetsons.

The concealer and lip matching services will be available at all Sephora retail stores in September 2015—but you can go and get your complimentary SkinTone number (and perfect foundation and powder matches!) right now. And we’re serious: run, don’t walk, and take advantage of this. Perfect skin and your new favorite lipstick are literally five minutes away.

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