Sephora’s Beauty Insider Relaunch: What Happens When You Spend $10,000 on Cosmetics

Wendy Rodewald
Sephora's new Beauty Insider program now includes a Rouge tier

Sephora’s new Beauty Insider program now includes a Rouge tier for big beauty spenders.

If you spend a small fortune on beauty products every year, Sephora is about to make feeding your addiction even more irresistible.

The retailer has just debuted its completely overhauled Beauty Insider program, the loyalty points system that rewards shoppers with free gifts and perks based on how much they spend. Just like before, spending $350 in a calendar year is enough to upgrade you from entry-level Beauty Insider to VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider). But now there’s a third tier for big beauty spenders: VIB Rouge, which customers unlock by dropping $1,000 in a calendar year.

Naturally, VIB Rouge status comes with some pretty sweet perks — like unlimited (read: free anytime, anywhere) access to makeup and other Beauty Studio services, exclusive events and out-of-the-blue surprise gifts in your mailbox. Because, hey — you’re a pretty big deal.

But the real news is for the true beauty buying 1 percent. This August, Sephora is launching its first 5,000 and 10,000 point rewards — yes, you have to have spent thousands of dollars on lotions, potions and lipsticks to qualify — and the gifts go way beyond beauty samples.

For example: One 5,000 point shopper will score a $1,400 Marc Jacobs handbag packed with products from the designer’s forthcoming cosmetics line. Another will jet to Los Angeles for a haircut with Jennifer Aniston‘s hairdresser and Living Proof celebrity stylist Chris McMillan (just don’t ask for the “Rachel”). And a single, lucky 10,000 point Insider will score a three-night trip to Paris to get schooled at the Make Up For Ever Academy. There are a bunch more rewards to covet at

The bad news? You only have until August 12 until the program goes live and the big spenders get to cash in their points. But on the upside, even if you don’t have $10,000 to spend on eye shadow, free stuff may be more attainable than it appears. For the first time, you can combine your points with a friend (text your beauty junkie bestie now), and during the week of August 12-18, you can collect 2x-4x points depending on your status.

Those makeup hoarding tendencies may just pay off after all.

How much do you think you spend on beauty products in a year?

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