A British Beauty Blogger Is Endorsing Semen Facials for Clearer Skin

Rachel Krause

According to London-based beauty blogger Tracy Kiss, there are two types of semen facials, and only one is a sex act. The other kind involves applying sperm directly to your face as a skin care treatment. See? It’s just a matter of semantics. (Semen-tics?)

The social media personality (who also might be another sort of “personality,” so we don’t recommend Googling her at work), who does not at this time seem to be trolling us, took to her YouTube channel to share a “tutorial” on how to get gorgeous, glowing skin by treating yourself to a semen mask. Kiss, who suffers from rosacea, credits the stuff with giving her a more even complexion.

Over the duration of the nearly 20-minute video, Kiss applies the goo directly to her face from a small Chinese takeout jar full of “donations” from a “friend” and massages it into her skin, lets it dry, then rinses. “It’s a very natural and healthy thing to do,” she says in defense of her unorthodox approach to skin care. It is natural; we’ll give her that.

The belief that semen can nourish the skin is not entirely baseless—it contains various enzymes and proteins that could potentially have skin care benefits, but they’re present only in trace amounts, which means we all, including Kiss, are better off opting for skin-recovering serums we can purchase at a store. If a face covered in little swimmers is what you’re into, then by all means, go for it … but you probably shouldn’t count on it to keep your complexion as clear as a newborn baby’s.

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