Selma Blair Says Her New Pixie Is “Kinda Brad Pitt”

Elizabeth Denton
Selma Blair Says Her New Pixie Is “Kinda Brad Pitt”
Photo: Shutterstock.

Usually, when a celebrity gets a big haircut they post a photo from the hair salon with the hairstylist. Selma Blair’s new chop went a little bit differently. Instead of a fancy Beverly Hills stylist, the actress shared a photo of her 7-year-old son Arthur Saint Bleick shaving her head with clippers. “People. #selmablair #arthursaintbleick . Back to my roots. 🐣 #zen barber who still says butthole whenever given an opportunity. I love him. ❤️” she wrote.

You might remember Blair had a pixie cut from about 2003 to 2008, alternating between blonde and brunette hair. This was right after her iconic roles in Cruel Intentions and Legally Blonde, of course. In 2018, she told the world she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in an emotional Instagram post. Shortly after, she debuted a sleek bob, explaining how she was having trouble lifting her arms to style her hair. It’s possible she’s decided to go even shorter to make getting ready easier, or maybe her son just wanted to be a hairdresser for the day and Mom was happy to oblige. Either way, we know Blair can pull off anything.

She hasn’t given us a peek at the final look just yet but fans are asking her excitedly. “No pics of the pixie cut,” someone wrote on her most recent Instagram post. “Oh. I am sick of my face lately. But it’s kinda Brad Pitt, she replied with her usual humorous tone. That prompted fans to say, “We’d all love to see it. We are here for you, and your journey. You’re such an inspiration,” and “Oh please never be sick of your face. It is beautiful and a mirror into you. And you have shared the t[sic] with us in movies and TV and social media. We are all here to give back and lift you up.” My favorite comment though is: “Brad Pitt wishes.”

To be honest, we’re dying to see the finished look as well but have a sneaking suspicion it’s chic as hell.