‘Selling Sunset”s Christine Quinn Is Accused of Lying About Her Wedding Day Makeup

Elizabeth Denton
‘Selling Sunset”s Christine Quinn Is Accused of Lying About Her Wedding Day Makeup
Photo: Mega Agency.

If you finished the entire three seasons of Netflix’s smash hit Selling Sunset (if not, what are you waiting for?), you saw Christine Quinn get married in a lavish winter wonderland-themed wedding. She looked beautiful, right down to her makeup. Now, almost a year later, Quinn is being accused of lying about doing her own makeup on her big day. It is dramatic and this drama is holding us over until Selling Sunset Season 4. Allow us to explain. It’s a little complicated but stay with us here.

In an interview with the Toronto Star, Quinn spoke about plastic surgery, designer labels and makeup. She revealed that she does her own glam, and did so for her wedding. Or at least that’s what the article did say. Yesterday, the article read, “Quinn, who describes herself as ‘really, really artistic,’ does her own makeup. She even did it for her wedding.”

Since then, the article has been changed. It now reads: “Quinn, who describes herself as ‘really, really artistic,’ does her own makeup, including when she’s filming the show.” Why the change? Well, Quinn’s makeup artist is NOT happy and has since gone viral. Los Angeles-based MUA Katrina Guevara called out the Selling Sunset star, saying that she is responsible for Quinn’s makeup on her wedding day. Plus, she claims the Toronto Star used her photo without her permission.

“The makeup industry is competitive enough and for Christine Quinn @thechristinequinn to blatantly lie and say she did her own makeup on her wedding day is truly distasteful and disrespectful!” she wrote on Instagram.

“Building your portfolio and reputation takes time and effort!” writes Guevara. For a big star to not give credit where credit is due is really upsetting for the freelance artist. She also posted the changes in the article, though it still doesn’t credit her as Quinn’s makeup artist.

So what exactly happened here? Well, there are a few possibilities. Let’s take Guevara’s word for it that she did do Quinn’s wedding makeup. It’s a strange thing for Quinn to lie about because using a makeup artist is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone does it—especially in Hollywood. It’s also possible the Toronto Star got it wrong and misquoted her. But as of today (Wednesday, October 28), Quinn hasn’t set the record straight.

We have a feeling this isn’t the end of this Selling Sunset drama.

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