Selfridges, Smelling Better Than Ever


Today, Selfridges in London will unveil the newest upgrade to their beauty floor–a patented Olfactive Bar and state-of-the-art fragrance boutique for Chanel.

The Oxford Street retailer transformed their 646-square foot space with a more cutting-edge design, in an attempt to revamp the department store’s beauty floor, since apparently Selfridges is still making money from beauty sales. Their recent spike in sales, specifically in the fragrance department, has been attributed to the post-Ramadan gifting season that is celebrated by many of the London retailer’s Middle Eastern customers. One customer took home close to 90 bottles of one particular scent. We can’t imagine having that many people on our gifting list, let alone giving that many people the same bottle of perfume, but we’re happy for Selfridges.

The new fragrance boutique, which was developed by Chanel‘s Deputy Perfumer, Christopher Sheldrake, boasts ceramic fragrance blotters, and an illuminated manuscript of the brand’s history on display. Shoppers searching for the best scent out there need look no further; the newly beautified boutique will carry Chanel’s most exclusive fragrance collection: Les Exclusifs de Chanel, a set of 12 luxurious scents all created by Chanel’s Master Perfumer, Jacques Polge. Included in the top 12 will be the newest addition to Chanel’s exclusive line-up, BEIGE, with a white floral aroma that pays homage to one of Coco’s favorite colors. And to help customers navigate the plethora of deluxe choices, Selfridges’ newest addition provides one-on-one fragrance consultant services so that customers will not only feel their best, but will smell their best too.

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