Now Selfies Are Being Blamed for New Outbreaks of Head Lice

Kristen Bousquet
selfies head lice

Watch out, ladies.
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We’re sorry to be the ones to break this news to you, but it seems our beloved selfies might have some seriously gross side effects. According to Adie Horowitz, the owner of a professional head lice removing company in New York, taking photos of yourself is causing new outbreaks of lice. 

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How, exactly? According to Horowitz, when we mush heads with someone else to snap a cute selfie, lice jumps back and forth from head to head. She points out that lice only need 5-6 seconds to “crawl from selfie-to-selfie.” Um, ew.

“Since selfies have become popular, teenagers are bringing lice into the house, and spreading it to their younger children, rather than the other way around,” says Horowitz, who’s been treating the pesky buggers for years, and has four treatment centers throughout New York City. “Selfies are the new pajama party for head lice,” she added.

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Sadly, with today’s obsession with style bloggers, celebrities such as Cara Delevingne taking selfies on the runway, and the term becoming Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 Word of the Year, we’re willing to bet that most girls would rather suffer through a few head bugs than ever give up posting selfies.

What do you think of Horowitz’s theory? Truth or just plain ridiculous? Let us know in the comments!