You Need to See Selena Gomez’s Insane NSFW Smokey Eye

You Need to See Selena Gomez’s Insane NSFW Smokey Eye
Photo: Getty Images

You know that perfect, hella-dramatic smokey eye that makes you feel like an actual Victoria’s Secret model and takes only, uh, a mere two hours to paint on? That one you’re high-key obsessed with, but rarely (see: basically never) wear, because it takes so goddamn long? Welp, welcome to every makeup lover’s reality—every makeup lover except for Selena Gomez, that is, who just appeared on social media with a hot-as-fuck, smudgy, sultry smokey eye that took only 15 freaking minutes to create. Yes, commence rage.

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That’s not a typo, either. Last night, makeup artist Hung Vanngo (who regularly works with Karlie Kloss, Emily Ratajkowski, and Hailey Baldwin) posted a photo of Gomez to Instagram, featuring the singer wearing overalls, a slicked-back ponytail, and, most importantly of all, an incredibly thick, opaque smokey cat-eye, which took pretty much zero time for him to create (ugh). He captioned the photo, “When babe gave us only 15 minutes to get her ready for @theweeknd’s concert tonight,” promptly making us all feel crazy inadequate in our own makeup abilities.

Though Vanngo didn’t discuss how he created the look, we’re guessing that, after hardcore bronzing and contouring Gomez’s skin, he lined and winged the singer’s eyes with a thick layer of eyeliner (our bet is on the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon, seeing as Vanngo is a Marc Jacobs brand ambassador), which he then smudged out for a soft, smokey finish. That, mixed with glossy, peach lip, and Gomez’s look has left us with full-blown inspo for our next night out.

While we’ll most likely never reach Vanngo’s mastery and speed (hey, here’s hoping), we’ll definitely be trying our hand at a Selena Gomez-esque smokey eye this Saturday—even if it’s only for a drink at the next door dive bar and not at our mega-famous, Grammy-winning boyfriend’s concert.