Selena Gomez Completes Her Summer Hair Situation with New Bangs

Say good-bye to Selena Gomez’s forehead, because not only does she have honey-kissed locks as of last week, she also has long, face-framing bangs now. In a photo posted by stylist Marissa Marino, the baby-faced pop star rocks an edgier look with what appear to be real bangs. She also looks slightly closer to her actual age, 23.

“Bangin,” Marino assessed, shouting out Gomez’s #revivaltour. TBD on whether these are the real deal or some sort of clip-in situation, but they look pretty legit. Bangs have sort of fallen out of grace of late, but if Gomez wants to sport them, we can only imagine who else will follow suit.

This isn’t the first time Gomez has gone this route. She also had bangs cut a couple of years ago, commenting that she had “tried my best @sukiwaterhouse.” Suki Waterhouse no longer has bangs, so—perhaps if she gets them cut again, she can write, “Tried my best @selenagomez,” because that would be so meta. If you want a look at Gomez’s blonder hair in action, here she is chomping on a doughnut a few days ago with her assistant, Theresa Marie Mingus—who used to be Kim Kardashian’s assistant, FYI.