Selena Gomez Wears Faux Freckles, Breaks the Internet

Selena Gomez Wears Faux Freckles, Breaks the Internet
Photo: Getty Images

If there’s anything we’re embarrassingly upfront about, it’s our fan-girl level love for Selena Gomez. And it’s not only her insane talent and no-bull shit personality, but her unreal beauty looks that consistently give us inspo-worthy feels. So when we started seeing teasers of her upcoming music video for “Fetish” making the rounds on Instagram, we prepared for what we thought would be a crazy-bold hair and makeup moment. And today, we finally got an up-close shot of Gomez’s ensemble, which to our surprise, is a natural, no-makeup makeup look with cute-ass, little freckles.

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Yup, thanks to Gomez’s wizard-level makeup artist Hung Vanngo, we now know that the 24-year-old looks annoyingly pretty sans makeup, and, apparently, has a little patch of freckles on her cheeks and nose. But as we were basking in the beauty that is Gomez basically makeup-free, the Internet started doing what it does best: freaking the F out. Shortly after Vanngo uploaded the picture, fans swarmed the comments section with accusations of Gomez’s freckles being “fake,” or as one user put it, “fraud,” with comments like, “She doesn’t have freckles as far as I know…”.

It’s true: Google a picture of Gomez and you’re not going to find any red-carpet shots of the singer’s freckles, which leads us to believe that Vanngo crafted the freckles himself to crazy-convincing perfection. As one user wrote, “We all know Selena doesn’t have freckles but clearly maybe she wanted to try them out.” Welp, real or faux, we’re super into Gomez’s natural look, and as always, are blown away by Vanngo’s precision. Hopefully we’ll get a better look when Gomez’s video finally drops, but until then, we’ll probably be glued to the mirror trying to mimic the look ourselves (no shame, here).