Selena Gomez Just Chopped Her Hair Into a Trendy Bob

Elizabeth Denton
Selena Gomez Just Chopped Her Hair Into a Trendy Bob
Photo: Shutterstock.

There are some celebrities who document every aspect of their lives and we know what they had for breakfast, what projects they’re working on and when they get a haircut. But some stars are much more private and when they pop out of their shell (or, private lives), we all jump. That’s what happened when we saw Selena Gomez’s bob haircut. The singer rarely posts on Instagram and when she does, it’s quite obviously intentional and a message for her 156 million followers. Sometimes she’s expressing how “truly grateful” she is or promoting a charity that’s important to her. Or, you know, just showing love to her friends. That’s how we spotted this new hair.

“After a whole summer of being roommates, Anna, Fox and Freddy have gone home and I’m missing them already. I get to live life with the best people. I’m pretty freaking lucky,” Gomez wrote on Instagram. She shared a gorgeous makeup-free photo of herself and close friend Anna Collins, as well as a more glam one of the duo. In the first, you can see Gomez’s new bob, which looks to be right about chin-length. That’s not a lob (long bob) but an actual real bob and it’s chic as hell.

In the second photo, Gomez’s hair is much longer, so it’s possible her hair has been this short for a while but she usually wears extensions—like all celebrities do. I’m dying to see her hit the red carpet with her bob styled sleek and glam paired with one of her killer gowns. She can absolutely pull it off.

New hair, an upcoming beauty brand and selfies with Kacey Musgraves? This could mean new music is in the works and I’m here for it.