Secret Beauty Products In The Baby Aisle

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Getty / Davizro

Getty / Davizro

It’s been a hot minute since Johnson & Johnson’s “No More Tears” formula has been in our bathtubs, but just because you’re no longer a baby, doesn’t mean that you can’t use baby products. Gentler and oftentimes lacking in the harsher chemicals of  their “grown-up” counterparts, baby products are a great reach for a myriad of beauty concerns—or even if your skin is just on the sensitive side. Some of them even have hidden beauty powers. Let’s review:

Diaper Cream. We are way past our diaper days, but this ointment has something in it beneficial to more than just diaper rash—zinc oxide. You know that old wives’ tale (or teenage myth, more likely) about how tanning reduces acne? Pretty much all of that is hogwash (and way worse for your skin than acne), but a reason that may have come to be is that zinc oxide (which is a main ingredient in lots of sunscreens) IS really good at fighting acne. How? Zinc is naturally an anti-bacterial and antioxidant agent that fights acne-causing bacteria. Most acne is caused by inflammation due to bacterial infection, so get rid of the bacteria and there will be no inflammation. Zinc also is a DHT blocker—the hormone that causes some acne, and it reduces keratinocyte activation. This is good because when your skin develops too much keratin, it can clog up your pores, leading to breakouts. Diaper rash ointment has a whopping 40% zinc oxide—way more than sunscreen—so using it as a spot treatment at night on zits will likely have them gone by morning.

Baby Shampoo. Other than gently cleaning your hair, baby shampoo can clean many other things in the same delicate manner. For instance—your delicates. Instead of buying a fancy detergent specifically for lingerie or delicates, you can use baby shampoo and it’ll do the job just fine. Some find that using baby shampoo as a face cleanser is actually very effective at clearing acne-ridden skin. This is because it cleans impurities without stripping your skin too much of its natural oils, so your skin won’t be inspired to keep pumping out more oil. You can put that ‘no more tears’ claim to the test if you ever have an uncomfortable stye in your eye—some doctors will suggest doing an eye rinse with baby shampoo to gently cleanse the eye area without further irritating your eyes like actual soap would do.

Baby Powder. Everyone knows that baby powder is a great quick-pick for dry shampoo. It can also work for a great many of other beauty services though. It can be used for waxing (so the sticky wax doesn’t adhere to your skin, just the hair), deodorant, removing sand and ocean grime from your skin at the beach, setting your makeup or keeping your lipstick in place on your lips, preventing sweating and chafing between your thighs or in your sheets on a hot night. Some people even like to brush a bit on their lashes before applying mascara to thicken the appearance of your lashes. It definitely pays to have baby powder handy.

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Nipple Cream. It’s a balm for your boobs when breastfeeding has left them a bit worse for the wear. That is to say, nipple cream is basically lip balm on crack. The main ingredient in most nipple creams is lanolin—the same main ingredient in many  lip balms, for its superior moisture-hoarding abilities. Nipple cream has the same petroleum-like consistency of lip balm but it’s often super-packed with mostly just lanolin so you’re just straight-up soothing your chapped lips without all the filler ingredients that could possibly make your lips more chapped in the longer run (camphor, looking at you). You can use nipple cream as an ointment for rashes, eczema, cuts, and scrapes—it’s a general skin salve so why not put it to use?

Baby Wipes. These are pretty much the same thing as make-up wipes. They’re probably where makeup-wipes got the idea to exist, most likely. You might find that baby wipes are gentler than makeup wipes since they’re made with gentler ingredients with baby butts in mind. You can also use baby wipes to clean your makeup— the packaging and the makeup itself. They’re also surprisingly effective at getting rid of denim/ fabric dye stains out of your leather purses. So many tricks in one box.

Baby Oil. Other than being a great after-shower sheer moisturizer, baby oil is great at removing eye makeup. Make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions to mineral oil though, since oftentimes baby oil is mostly made up of that.

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