Secret Beauty Ingredient: Egg Whites

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Secret Beauty Ingredient: Egg Whites
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We often purchase beauty products because of the pull quotes on the front of the packages touting the seemingly impossible results. Unless you’re especially thorough, you skip the ingredients list on the back of the package – a crucial mistake made by many. “Secret Beauty Ingredient” is our way of finding those beauty ingredients that are becoming staples in the beauty world, or sometimes even better – beauty breakthroughs.

Long gone are the days of cracking a couple eggs in a bowl and smearing the whisked goop onto your face with the hope of a smooth glowing complexion upon rinse-off. While going directly to the source is the best way to get what you’re looking for, a few beauty brands have taken the messy task of incorporating eggs in your skincare routine and packaging their pore-refining, skin-brightening goodness into a range of skincare products. Specifically, egg whites have been touted to be a great way to tighten your pores, giving an overall smoother and brighter appearance to your skin. Some folks even claim that the protein molecules in egg whites helps reduce wrinkles and acne over time. While the science behind such skin magic is uncertain, thousands of egg-praising claims are keeping them in the business of face care. If you’re down to try it but would rather leave the whisk in the kitchen, here are a handful of egg white centric products instead.

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These dual egg-shaped soaps are-- big surprise-- dual purpose. The white egg is meant to be used in the morning for brightening, and the brown egg is to be used at night for pore tightening and refining skin texture.

(TonyMoly Eggpore $9.99 at

Holika Holika has the same idea of shaping their soaps like eggs, but offer a bit more customization depending on your skin needs. You can purchase these four different soaps in two-packs of each color, or you can cover all your bases with this Egg Skin Special Set. The black egg has charcoal to help absorb sebum, the white egg is simply egg whites (naturally) to help tighten pores and smooth the skin, the brown egg incorporates red clay to clean pores by removing impurities, and the green egg incorporates the antioxidants from green tea. Used in rotation, this set is a skin-clearing, smoothing and brightening juggernaut.

(Holika Holika Egg Soap Special Set $13.98 at

Skinfood is a skincare brand that focuses exactly on what you think it does-- food in skincare. They offer a range of egg white products, their Egg White Pore Foam being one of their more popular ones. This is a deep-cleaning and gentle foaming face wash that uses the amino acids and albumin in egg whites to promote firmer and more even skin texture. It's gentle enough for every day use but also works hard to purify your pores.


(Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam $16.00 at

This Swedish Egg White soap has been around since the early 20th century, now being hailed as a Scandinavian beauty secret using only egg whites, lanolin and rosewater for a simple face soap that can be used as a normal face cleanser or left on as a lathery mask for a few minutes to further tighten your pores.

(Victoria Lanolin-Agg-Tval Eggwhite Soap $6.11 at

Another eggy offering from Skinfood, this Egg White Pore Cleansing Oil is a great alternative for those with dry skin as well as an excellent makeup-removing cleanser. You massage it on dry skin, add water and continue massaging until it emulsifies into a milky fluid and then rinse away. This lightweight oil pulls double duty by pore cleaning as well as removing waterproof eye makeup.

(Skinfood Egg White Pore Cleansing Oil $20.49 at

Unconventional packaging aside, keep in mind that many Korean beauty products called "packs" are basicallythe same thing as what lots of us refer to as face masks. This egg white face mask comes in the form of a mousse, delivering egg white nutrients in a thick foam to smooth, brighten and moisturize your skin. (Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack #18.78 at

Don't be fooled by the cute and innocent-seeming packaging. Tonymoly's Egg Pore products pack a punch as far as clearing your pores of blackheads and smoothing overall texture go. These three are sold individually as well as in a set, but used in conjunction are the most effective. The white egg is a blackhead removing gel, the golden egg is the Silky Smooth Balm, and the brown egg is the Pore Tightening Pack (aka mask). While the white and brown eggs work on a skincare treating level, the golden egg is more like a primer.

(TonyMoly Egg Pore Special Set $30 at

This serum from Skinfood offers a slightly more refined version of what riches can be gleaned from egg whites, enriched with albumin to promote firmer skin, shrink the appearance of pores as well as control excess sebum.

(Skinfood Black Egg Pore Serum $10.70 at

Using eggshell membranes as the main weapon in the anti-aging battle, Perricone MD's OVM is a skin treatment that boasts "bio-matrix technology" as well as retinol to yield brighter, plump and smooth skin. It aims to minimize dark spots and discoloration, deliver smooth texture as well make fine lines and wrinkles vanish with use.

(Perricone MD OVM $165 at

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