Schoolgirl Chic at Wren

Erika Valente
final Schoolgirl Chic at Wren

Taking inspiration from the dreaded class picture day, Bumble and bumble hair stylist Amy Farid created a whimsically chic and natural style. Naturally textured, slightly wavy, loose hair coupled with a deep, smooth side part was pinned in place by two visible bobby pins, hence the “nerdy school girls” vibe.

To create the look, Farid sprayed Surf Spray on damp hair to enhance the models’ natural waves, then dried hair with a blow dryer on the cool setting to mimic the air-dry effect. A deep side part and large bobby pins finished off the schoolgirl geek chic vibe.

Makeup artist Sara Glick opted for a simple face accentuated by pops of bright color. “It’s representative of that L.A. energy,” said Glick, “because that’s where Melissa (Cokey, Wren’s designer) is from.” She kept skin dewy and accented cheeks with a pop of fuchsia powder blush. Lips were a matte bright orange, shocking but somewhat wearable. “The key to pulling it off is to keep the rest of your face subtle,” she said. “It actually works really well on all age groups, young and old.”

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