The days when perfume meant a simple bottle of Chanel No. 5 that you stole from your mother’s dresser are far behind us.

In the past few months, big name fragrance brands have been getting increasingly innovative with their marketing and packaging. Diesel‘s new men’s fragrance, boldly titled “Only the Brave,” is packaged in a futuristic bottle modeled after the founder Renzo Rosso’s hand (molto bello!).

Pleasing both genders in what seems like a perfect hybrid, Ferragamo has brought advertising to the next level, with virtual billboards in Rockstar Games’ newest launch, Midnight Club Los Angeles.  While gamers race through city streets avoiding arrest, they speed by larger than life ads for Ferragamo’s Incanto Collection and F by Ferragamo on Sunset Boulevard, and narrowly escape collision with the Rodeo Drive Ferragamo boutique storefront. In a great step forward for all woman kind, maybe this subtle marketing strategy will finally help boys understand what to get us for a present.

And last but not least: pushing the envelope in the early ’90s with risque television and print ads (complete with androgynous, pre-Pete Doherty Kate Moss), Calvin Klein is celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of its ck One frangrance in another unexpected way. The special anniversary packaging (limited edition) comes with a built in mp3 player, sure to please even the most cutting edge fragrance junkies.  This collector’s edition is available at Macy’s.

Mom’s no. 5 may just have to stay on her bureau for a few months.