Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas: Watch These Tutorials For Some Inspiration

Augusta Falletta

If you’ve not picked out your Halloween costume by now, you’re likely scrambling to find some scary Halloween makeup ideas for the big night. Some ladies go the cute route while others go the way of impressive makeup skills, but we hold a pretty special place in our hearts for the scariest of makeup ideas on Halloween.

Whether you go for a scary version of a character you love or you want to straight up scare people who see you at a Halloween party, we’ve scoured the web to find some of the best scary Halloween makeup ideas out there, all of which are below!

For fans of “Alice in Wonderland,” this scary cheshire cat tutorial is the creepy Halloween makeup idea you’ve been looking for.

This scary Halloween makeup idea is one of our favorites, mainly because it requires no costume. With a faux giant mouth applied with just makeup, it stands on its own as a look!

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This one calls for some FX makeup, but the results are so worth it. Follow the steps in this video to get a scary “reattached face” Halloween makeup┬ácostume.

Feeling a bit on the extraterrestrial side? Watch this alien makeup tutorial video for a costume that’s equal parts cool and scary.

Even if you’ve never seen “American Horror Story: Asylum,” you’ve likely seen this creepy character. Use your cosmetics to get this scary Halloween makeup!

Put a creepy Halloween twist on the classic Little Red Riding Hood costume with some FX face scars (which were courtesy of a big, bad wolf, naturally).

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If you’re looking for a costume that’s half scary and half amazingly cool, follow the steps to get this awesome tiger makeup!

Reminiscent of an “America’s Next Top Model” challenge, this plastic surgery face is simple and effective as a Halloween costume.