Scarlett strikes a Marilyn, makes me want red lipstick


Like me, my trusty intern Marina, is obsessed with all things Marilyn. Below is her musings on the lady and Dolce Gabbana’s new makeup:

I have to admit that although I have a bizarre obsession with Lindsay Lohan and everything she does (mostly self-sabotage), says (nonsense), and wears (umm…leggings?), even I had a hard time processing her infamous Marilyn Monroe recreation for New York Magazine last year. Marilyn`s image just seems so iconic and her fan base so loyal that no attempt to recreate the blonde bombshell is likely to be well received.

However, all my theories went to dust when I saw a different celebrity’s impersonation of the great Monroe. Scarlett Johansson`s ad campaign for the new Dolce & Gabbana makeup collection is absolutely stunning. Her aura of mystery, curvy body, and naturally sexy demeanor make her one of the few actresses that can truly do justice to Marilyn`s legacy. Plus, the girl is undeniably gorgeous, a fact that did not go wasted on Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana, who immediately propped her onto a silky white bed wearing nothing but one of their signature corsets and some amazing red lipstick from their new collection. Talking about utilizing your resources to their full potential!