Scarlett Johansson Is The Latest Celeb To Launch A Skincare Brand & We Have Questions

Elizabeth Denton
Scarlett Johansson Is The Latest Celeb To Launch A Skincare Brand & We Have Questions
Photo: AP Images.

Usually, when we hear a celebrity is launching a beauty brand, we’re not that surprised. It’s often the stars who post their makeup-free face on social media, who get real about beauty standards or who have struggled with skin concerns like acne. But when we heard Scarlett Johansson is launching a skincare brand, we were definitely surprised. She always looks amazing on the red carpet and she has had some iconic beauty looks over the years. But we haven’t heard her talk about her love of skincare before—have we?

Johansson launched the brand with her co-founder, entrepreneur and beauty/fashion executive, Kate Foster. It’s funded by The Najafi Companies, an investment firm that has backed brands including Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern Beauty, Moon Oral Care and more. The brand will launch in early 2022.

“I’ve been fascinated by the transformative power of beauty since I was a child,” Johansson said in a statement. “My mother instilled in me a passion for self-care from my early teenage years. Several years ago, I took a step back from my beauty deals with the goal of creating something true to me. The result is a clean, accessible approach to beauty.”

Foster also released a statement about the upcoming brand. “We are proud to have built a brand that fills a void in the market and addresses a true consumer need,” she said. “Our brand platform is differentiated and has a great deal of runway for growth and expansion. This is truly just the beginning.”

There are so many clean beauty brands on the market, including affordable, more “accessible” ones at mass retailers. We’re not sure exactly how Johansson and Foster’s brand will stand out from the rest but we’re willing to keep an open mind and let them surprise us. Maybe it’ll be the new go-to skincare brand that flies off the shelves. We’ll update this post as soon as we know more.

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