Save That Broken Lipstick with Tips from a Makeup Pro

Julia DiNardo

Eewy, gooey, messy lipstick — no! When your favorite tube of lipstick melts, breaks, or gets smushed (you get the idea) before it’s time, it can be downright devastating. Luckily, you can resuscitate your favorite shade with a little lipstick CPR!  Jenna Menard, Clinique Global Colour Artist gave us some great tips to follow to salvage the product from the garbage bin.

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Grab a Pot: “When a lipstick breaks, there is no need to toss it,” Menard advises. “Think like a pro and transplant the product to a palette so you can continue using your favorite hue. You are bound to find a small container at Muji or The Container Store.

Take A Spoonful (or More!): “Use a spoon or palette knife to completely remove the color from the tube and press it firmly into the new empty container. Don’t be afraid to smash the product into the container in order for it to stay put. Be advised that there is usually more product to scoop out of the tube so look closely in order to remove every last bit! To keep it the most hygienic, stick to using tools to decanter rather than your fingers.”

Crack Repair: “If it’s only a small crack you can try to mend the crack with your finger, but if the crack is too deep smoothing it over on the surface won’t really fix the problem.”

Fatal Retraction: “To prevent a tube from breaking always keep in mind the height of the tube when applying. You should only extend the lipstick as far as needed to apply on your lips then be sure to retract the tube all the way down when finished. When the tube is extended too high the pressure causes the tube to break.”


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