Sarah Hyland on the Haircut She’s Dying to Try and Her Summer Skin Care Essentials

Victoria Moorhouse
Courtesy of Hawaiian Tropic

Courtesy of Hawaiian Tropic

Sarah Hyland’s character on ‘Modern Family’ may have developed a signature with her seemingly mile-long, mermaid-like waves on TV, but in real-life, this chick doesn’t appear like she’s afraid of a beauty dare or at least a dose of trendy styles—one look at her fresh tousled bob that hits right above the chin (it’s SO cute) and you’ll be texting your stylist for an impromptu cut. We’ve seen her wear dramatic ballerina buns, dark, wine-hued lipstick on the red carpet, and if you’ve ever glanced at her Instagram feed, she’ll teach you how to style your locks with a fedora the right way.

From her tresses to her flawless skin, Sarah’s beauty looks can’t be missed! So what’s in store for Sarah’s look this summer? Setting a good example—and one that should be followed by all—Sarah is all about protecting her skin from the sun. Recently teaming up with sun protection giant Hawaiian Tropic, Sarah sat down with us to fill us in on the brand’s new sport formula that lasts for 80 minutes, her summer skin care essentials, the haircut she’s dying to try (prepare to be shocked!), and more. Check out our interview below!

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Tell me about your summer skin care essentials? What do you need to have?
Sarah Hyland: When you think of summer, you think of sun and being outdoors and soaking the vitamin D up. So the first thing you have to do—a base-coat for anything in the summer—is to use sunscreen. So I use Hawaiian Tropic, mostly Island Sport in case I’m active. I’m not like the most super active person or anything like that but it’s water-resistant. I live in California, so I can just sit outside and sweat. It’s kind of like New York when it gets so humid and you walk outside and automatically you’re a puddle. It really works because if you just walk outside, it’ll still stay on your skin and nourish it as well as protect it. I use that and then Dior Iconic Curl and some concealer and that’s really it.

Does your beauty routine change from winter to spring and summer? What’s the biggest difference?
I wear a lot more makeup in the winter. I wear a lot more. I have to use a bronzer. I have to use foundation because I’m just so pale, and when I’m pale I kind of have that yellow/olive undertone so it just looks like I’m sick all the time. So I have to have like some color on my face. In the summer, all I wear is Hawaiian Tropic and mascara.

So what are some of your favorite things to do in the summer?
I like to go to the beach. I like to just be by my pool and just relax. My friend is a certified yoga teacher, so I kind of want her to have yoga in my backyard with my girlfriends. Which, I’m like talking to her, I’m like, ‘Let’s have like a group rate. Even if you don’t want to do it, like we’ll pay you. It’s totally fine!’ I just don’t want to go to a yoga class and have people judge me!

There are always moves I can’t do and I just do downward dog.
I’m just really competitive, so I end up always hurting myself.

How would you say that your beauty routine evolved over the years? Are there things that you really love now and thought, “Why didn’t I do that before?”
I look back at some of the pictures when I was in high school of how I did my makeup and I’m like, “I really like the way I did my makeup and I don’t remember what I did.” I have a really short term memory when it comes to that stuff. I kind of get in my routines and do the same thing over and over and over again and then randomly one day I’ll forget what I did and have to come up with something new.

What are your favorite things on your Instagram feed?
Anything with an animal in it or a baby, honestly.

Food always gets me.
Food gets me, too. Food and puppies. I live in LA, so not a lot of people tweet or Instagam their food.

There’s this one Instagram account that keeps tagging me in its pictures, and I guess it’s like a foodie thing. They go to different restaurants and take pictures of the most delicious-looking food and they just always tag me in them and I’m just like, stop. Stop doing this because these are restaurants that are not in my state. They’re not in New York. I don’t know where it is. And I’m like, but that burger with a fried egg looks amazing. Stop tweeting me wings because I want these and it’s making me hungry!

What’s your beauty philosophy now?
My beauty philosophy now is something that I’ve always lived by. When you wear foundation, take it from your face to your neck so it doesn’t cut off here [at the chin] because when it cuts off here—a lot of people don’t actually use the right skin color for their foundation, so it doesn’t blend easily.

We love your hair. You’ve had long hair and this tousled bob. Is there a length you really love more than the others or a cut you haven’t done yet?
A cut that I haven’t done yet that I really want to do? I want to do a pixie cut.

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Really? That is so cute.
Really badly. I really, really, really want to do it. I want to go shorter than I am right now.

I think you should do it—it’s so cute!
I love it. The thing is, I have to make sure that my hair is long enough by the end of the summer, so that if ‘Modern Family’ needs me to put extensions in, it’s long enough to blend.

If you were to look at your vanity, what would be the one thing that you have the most of?
I got sent this amazing huge goodie bag of Hawaiian Tropic. I literally have every single product, so that’s amazing. I will be good for the entire summer. Probably the most would be like, Dior makeup.

Anything in particular?
Mascara Iconic Curl. I wear Miss Dior Perfume. The Dior Dream Skin Moisturizer. The volumizing lip gloss. I wear the blush. Foundation. I’m obsessed with Dior makeup.