NOT A DRILL: Sarah Hyland Just Dyed Her Hair Platinum Blonde

NOT A DRILL: Sarah Hyland Just Dyed Her Hair Platinum Blonde
Photo: Getty Images

Spring is basically here for 90-percent of the country, which means flowers are blooming, skin is showing, and every single celebrity is dyeing their hair platinum white blonde (lookin’ at you, half of Hollywood, a.k.a. Kim KardashianCara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart, and Allison Williams). Because something something spring changes, fresh starts, etc. And the latest actress to join the not-at-all exclusive club is Sarah Hyland, who casually decided to jump on the trend over the weekend.

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Sure, we’ve already watched the 26-year-old Modern Family star change up her hair over the past few years, going from her natural shade of brunette to sandy blonde, bright red, and sun-washed ombré, but her latest switch isn’t like anything we’ve ever seen on Hyland before. And, what’s even more intriguing is the fact that Hyland has been oddly secretive about her new look, posting zero selfies or Snaps on social media. Luckily (for us), though, the paparazzi exists.

According to the world of stalker-ish fans, Hyland was photographed leaving Nine Zero One Salon (where all the celebs get beautified) in West Hollywood, hiding her face from the cameras. Thankfully, it’s pretty impossible to hide a full head of bright platinum hair, especially when you’re Sarah Hyland. And sad as we are that we can’t see her face, we are more than ready for Hyland to show off her new style aaany minute now. So whether you’re booking your next hair appointment while simultaneously gawking at Hyland’s latest transformation, or if you’re not about the blonde and instead looking to pull Gigi Hadid’s April Fool’s joke to mess with your friends, prepare to see this hair color on everyone this spring. Who’s next on the dyeing board? Stay tuned.

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