Sarah Hyland Revealed Her Quick and Easy Secret for Frizz-Free Curly Hair

Sarah Hyland Revealed Her Quick and Easy Secret for Frizz-Free Curly Hair
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If you follow Sarah Hyland on Instagram, you know that she’s put aside her hair straightener recently in favor of her voluminous, natural curly brown hair. The look has garnered so much attention that fans have flooded the 27-year-old actress’s DMs with asks on how they can rock their curly hair, too—but without an ounce of frizz. Fortunately, Hyland came prepared to answer the hard-hitting questions.

The “Modern Family” revealed her secret for frizz-free curly hair on Twitter, when a fan asked how she makes her curls look like she wasn’t “hit by a lightning bolt.” “SARAH HELP what do I do to make my hair less frizzy? your curls somehow always look so good yet mine look like I’ve just been hit by a lightning bolt,” the user tweeted.

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That’s when Hyland revealed her quick and easy trick: a blowdryer diffuser attachment. The tool, which is popped onto the end of a blowdryer, is used to disperse air flow and spread it over a larger. Combined with a low speed and heat setting, the diffuser adds body to curly hair without messing up its original texture and causing frizz when drying. Essentially, a win-win.

“Two words. DIFFUSER. ATTACHMENT,” Hyland tweeted back.

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There you have it folks, Hyland’s secret for frizz-free curly hair. Now, to take on the world without looking like you were hit with a lightning bolt.