News: Sarah Hyland Goes Blonde; Louboutin's $675 Nail Polish

Rachel Krause

Sarah Hyland has been rocking a natural light brown ombré for a while now, but she just traded in her darker shade for a much lighter blonde and a new set of extensions. Sometimes it’s just time for a change. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

We endlessly discuss how to groom your brows, but what about growing them out? If you’re plagued with overly plucked brows, or just sparse hairs, here are a few helpful ways to fill ’em out. [Beauty High]

As much as we love fancy beauty products, we’re not even a little bit tempted by Christian Louboutin‘s $675 nail polish. This takes upscale and turns it into outrageous. [Fashionista]

Kim Kardashian says that her nude shoot made her feel “really positive and really good.” Whatever works! [Us]