4 Easy Tricks to Salvage Your Hair After Getting Caught in the Rain

Aly Walansky


A good hair day is a very tenuous thing. We may wake up with perfectly tousled waves, or score the smoothest blowout of our lives, but everything can be lost in a millisecond should we get unexpectedly caught in the rain. An umbrella can only do so much, and accidents—and sudden torrential downpours—do happen. The next time you find your hair a casualty of unforeseen precipitation, try these steps to salvage your style.

Stay simple.
There are two words to keep in mind when trying to salvage rain soaked hair—simple and sleek, says DreamDry Senior Stylist Aliecia Stone. Try a high, sleek, slightly undone bun or a fishtail pony. Both of these looks can be dressed up or down, so no one will have to know that the rain almost got the best of you.

Add some texture.
Mist hair with sea salt spray and scrunch in small sections to create definition, suggests Amy Bobeda of Behind the Scenes Beauty, then pull it all into a chic, low-slung ponytail for a look that’s artfully undone but still polished.

Do a bun.
If your hair gets wet, immediately smooth a serum throughout to control frizz, an inevitable byproduct of moisture even if you don’t have frizzy hair to begin with. Pull your hair up and wrap the lengths around the base, then let it dry in a bun, says PRIV hair stylist Michael Braun. The bun will keep it tamed, and once you put your hair down, you’ll have sexy waves that look like you did them on purpose, not as a last resort. You can also try using a mousse to scrunch into your hair and letting it air dry to allow your natural texture to shine through, says Braun. If your hair is curly or frizz-prone, try slicking it all back with gel into a ponytail or sleek, clean bun.

Come (artfully) undone.
Purposely disheveled and mussed hairstyles are always a safe fallback, but naturally air-dried looks are actually trendy right now, says Joseph Settle of Shaoé Haircare. If you get caught out in the rain, you may as well turn it into an opportunity to let loose—literally. The most important part of creating these undone looks is to start with a foundation product in the hair, says Settle, who likes to use a thickening cream to build body without weighing the hair down. “Then,” he says, “[I] apply setting spray while the hair is wet to create texture.” Let your hair air dry while scrunching to enhance natural waves.

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