Sally Hansen Sells an Absurd Number of Miracle Gel Polishes Every Minute

Rachel Krause

sally hansen miracle gel Sally Hansen Sells an Absurd Number of Miracle Gel Polishes Every MinuteTwo years ago, before nearly every major nail brand launched its own proprietary at-home, UV light-free gel formula, Sally Hansen brought Miracle Gel to the masses. The two-step system—color goes first, then a top coat that utilizes natural light to set it—provides up to 14 days of chip-free color and shine, which is about twice the lifespan of a standard polish. Plus, unlike the kind you get at the salon, this gel comes off easily with regular nail polish remover—no aggressive filing, 20-minute soak in pure acetone, or brutal battery-operated sanding necessary.

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With every bottle retailing for around $9.99 at drugstores, it’s a pretty sweet deal for anyone who wants to get long-lasting gel results without shelling out $40 for the professional experience. The sweetness of that deal is clearly not lost on consumers, because the brand just revealed that more than 26 million bottles of Miracle Gel have been sold to date. That comes out to 26 a minute on average. (And yes, 26 x 1,000,000 does, indeed, add up to ≈ two years. I googled.)

Those are pretty huge numbers for a nail polish formula that’s been on the market for only two years, so Sally Hansen must be doing something right—perhaps the secret is that, with 75 colors to choose from, it’s nearly impossible to leave the store with just one in hand.

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