Safe Fun in the Sun


If you`re anything like me, you spend summer running around in tiny shorts, soaking up every ray of sun from here to the Hamptons, not worrying about any of the side effects thirty years down the road. Sunscreen just seems like a burden, an unnecessary obstacle between you and that deep bronze glow. Well, my friends, its time to stop dreaming and start protecting our skin from those damaging UV rays.

Fortunately, Erno Laszlo’s new Total Face & Body Protection SPF 30 will make this task much more enjoyable, while still providing powerful broad-spectrum sun protection. This daily moisturizing cream is packed with powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals, as well as nourishing Shea butter to protect skin against aging and help retain its natural moisture. Bonus: The sunscreen doubles a body lotion and face moisturizer, making that weekend duffle bag a lot lighter and leaving more room for the important things (like that extra bikini).

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