Dirty Hair Isn’t The Only Way to Get That Second-Day Texture

Caitlin S. Miller
Courtesy Sachajuan

Photo: Courtesy of Sachajuan

I love my hair for a number of reasons: its ability to hold practically any style, how it air dries into beachy waves even though I’ve never touched a surfboard in my life, and, most importantly, how I don’t have to wash it every day. (Yes, I know. #blessed) But just because my hair doesn’t require a daily shampoo doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy feeling clean daily.

Alas, constant cleansing isn’t the best option for my hair’s thick yet dry nature. And while second or third-day hair is unsurpassed from the standpoint of texture and ease of styling, it can frankly get pretty gross. So what’s a girl to do? Enter Sachajuan Hair Cleansing Cream ($42). The Swedish hair care brand’s lather-free formula serves up a happy medium of cleansing and styling—all in one bottle.

Designed for all hair types—even bleached and super-damaged strands—Sachajuan’s cream provides the shine and sensation of shampoo washing, without stripping hair of its desirable natural grittiness. But my absolute favorite part about the cleansing cream is that it coaxes out my hair’s beachy texture, meaning I don’t have to actually style my hair post-wash. And should I choose to put forth the effort to try a braid or fun knot, the cream leaves behind enough hold to make it last.

Although I’ll still turn to shampoo for a weekly deep clean, Sachajuan’s Hair Cleansing Cream is a daily alternative that makes both me and my hair happy.

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