Sabrina Carpenter Just Ditched Her Sunny Blonde Hair for Red and I Love It

Elizabeth Denton
Sabrina Carpenter Just Ditched Her Sunny Blonde Hair for Red and I Love It
Photo: Shutterstock.

Ever since her Girl Meets World days, Sabrina Carpenter has been a bright, golden blonde. She goes long and short with beachy extensions but has stayed in the blonde family for the most part. Until now. Carpenter posted her new red hair on Instagram with the caption, “roses are red, violets are blue, my hair is red, #cloudsmovie.” The photo has more than a million likes, so it seems fans are loving the new hue.

As you can tell from the hashtag, the singer/actress’ strawberry-blonde hair is for her new movie, Clouds, from Jane the Virgin actor Justin Baldoni. It’s the true story of Zach Sobiech, a high school kid who, after being diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, wrote the song “Clouds.” It went viral on YouTube and even reached #1 on iTunes prior to his death in 2013 at the young age of 18. To say the movie is going to be a tearjerker is an understatement. It’s based on the book Fly a Little Higher, written by Sobiech’s mother, Laura Sobiech.

Carpenter plays Sobiech’s best friend, who has red hair in real life, hence the makeover. Fans are convinced Carpenter nailed the look, as Baldoni also said on Instagram. Even Sobiech’s sister agrees, writing, “This is like legit convincing.” Others just want to know how both Baldoni and Carpenter have such incredible skin. “Please send me your skin regimen, Justin,” wrote one fan. And Baldoni wonders the same thing about his young star.

While many celebrities wear wigs for film and TV, it looks like Carpenter actually dyed her hair red and added extensions. Of course, time will tell. If she’s back to blonde tomorrow, well, she tricked us.