Runway-Inspired Nail Art: DIY Chanel’s Polka Dots

Rachel Adler

chanel nail art Runway Inspired Nail Art: DIY Chanels Polka Dots

Chanel may have caught us all by surprise by bringing back the French manicure (trust us, no one was more surprised than we were), but that doesn’t mean we can’t create our very own Chanel-inspired manicures to add a bit more fun to Karl Lagerfeld’s collection. Nail artist Amanda Kocis took inspiration from one of the pearl embellished dresses spotted on the runway and mimicked that look on her nails, something that is fairly easy to recreate.

Kocis recommends using a basic black polish (she used OPI’s Black Onyx) to paint all of the nails (with two coats) and then using a dotting tool, to carefully place the polka dots. Choose an opaque white polish for the dots such as Sally Hansen’s White-On. Finish with a top coat for an easy, fun alternative to Chanel’s classic French manicure if we do say so ourselves.

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