Runway Beauty How-To – Colored Mascara for Day and Night

Rachel Adler

After watching the spring 2010 shows, we knew color would be coming back in a big way. We saw it weaved through braids at Oscar de la Renta, making a statement lined on lids at Nanette Lepore, and latched onto the lashes of the girls at DKNY. However, we have to admit we were taken by surprise when an overwhelming amount of people loved this colored trend. According to our recent Facebook poll, girls are clueing in on the colored mascara look. One Facebooker even commented that they would definitely wear it in real life with one caveat “you just have to remember not to over do it.”

Below are our tips for rocking colored mascara for day and night, without looking like you’re going to a costume party.

Wearing Color On Your Lashes for Day:
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1. Choose a hue that will complement your eye color

The key to adding color to your eyes is to bring out your eye color– so make sure to choose a product that will do just that. For blue-eyed girls, choose a shade of mascara that’s similar to your eye color. Green mascara may seem scary to some, but it looks great on those with green eyes, as well as those that have hazel or brown. Purple mascara can be a bit much for day– but if you have brown or hazel eyes, just the right amount of this color will do the trick. (Urban Decay Big Fatty Colored Mascara, $17, at

2. Wear it on the inside of your lashes, and line the outside

To make the bold color more appropriate for day, take the color of your choosing and line lightly along the very inner part of your lashes. Then, finish off the look with black mascara along the exterior of your lashes. This will give you a nice pop of color on your eye, without looking too extreme.

Taking Colored Mascara Out at Night:
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3. Remember to still wear a color that complements your eyes

If you want to really make your eyes pop, layer on shadow and liner in the same shade as your mascara. For blue eyed girls, add blue shadow and liner along with your mascara. Obviously, use some caution when going for greens and purples, and reach for the lighter shades. You can also play with a larger palette and have your shades vary from plum to eggplant with purples, or from olive to jade with green hues.

4. Cover your top or bottom lashes with mascara, but don’t do both

To dress up for night, take your new favorite colored mascara and use it along your lower lashes or your top lashes. Don’t do both your top and bottom or you’ll end up looking like you’re dressing up for the disco. Also, keep in mind that colored mascara doesn’t work like black mascara does (lengthening the lashes, curling, etc.), so layering it on both sets leaves you with a bit of a spidery look never a good thing. Stick with coloring in one set of lashes and apply black on the other and you’re ready for the night.

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