You Need to See Photos of Ruby Rose’s Bad Haircut Fail

You Need to See Photos of Ruby Rose’s Bad Haircut Fail
Photo: Getty Images

We’ve all had a bad haircut at least once in our lives—for me, it was a repeated offense from ages seven through 12, when my mother was convinced that my curly, cowlick-y hair would look good with bangs, if only she kept trying on a yearly basis. (Spoiler: It didn’t). So my heart goes out to anyone who hates their newest haircut, including actress and ethereal goddess Ruby Rose, who Instagrammed a picture of her self-described #beautyfail, a.k.a. when she tried to fix her undercut and ended up shaving a triangle into her hair.

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We need to warn you, though: Rose still looks really freaking cool with her “butchered” haircut fail. So don’t expect to feel the misery-loves-company vibes when you see the photo. But, as Refinery29 first reported, Rose shared her mishap on Instagram, with the caption, “This was a beauty too! I had a great Barber but while traveling used someone else and he kinda slid and made a crooked line and my OCD couldn’t handle it so I thought it better to just keep shaving away and put a whole triangle there so it looked straighter.” Rose continued in all-caps, writing, “WE DONT TALK ABOUT HOW HARD THAT WAS TO GROW OUT. WE DO NOT MENTION IT IN THIS HOUSE.”

First of all, ha. Second of all, yes, that triangular patch next to her undercut part was totally a human failure, reminding everyone everywhere to maybe leave the hardcore haircuts to the professionals. And third of all, though I’m not sure if Rose has diagnosed OCD, but let’s be real for a second and remember that obsessive compulsive disorder is a real mental illness and not a throwaway, joking term. We all got that? Great. Now you may continue gazing upon Rose’s beauty like I am, shaved patch and all.

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