Round Two: Barbie Collaborates With Stila Again


Stila is launching their second collection in collaboration with Barbie. The All Doll’d Up Palette, includes four different trio shades, for a total of 12 different options to chose from. This palette is an amazing and affordable way to mix, match, and mesh colors to achieve a desired shade. Their trademark smudge pot, available in cobalt blue, purple, and black, will act as a long lasting, distinct shade.


Before the runway show, models show off their Barbie make-up makeovers. It’s kind of scary how much these models transformed into Barbie lookalikes, right? The new Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner, as show above, is the perfect solution to creating a dramatic cat eye. Also to launch is a Lip Trio, which includes three shades, as well as, a Lip Glaze that is also offered in three different shades. Our pick is the Tickled Pink Signature Barbie power pink.


Backstage at Barbie’s 50th Anniversary Show was where the inspiration for the Stila collaboration derived from. Bright and bold eye colors made a noteable statement on the runways and in spreads for all of the fall runway shows, and especially made a mark in the Barbie Runway collection. We’re excited to see if the runways will harbor the same eye intensity for spring.

All Doll’d Up Pallete, $28; Smudge Pot, $20; Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner $20; Lip Glaze $22; Lip Enamel Trio $32, all available at