Instant Makeover: Lighten Up With This Perfecting Foundation

Rachel Krause

Instant-Makeover_Article-Rouge-Bunny-RougeUnlike, say, a great new shade of lipstick or an innovative new mascara, foundation isn’t always something to get excited about. It’s called “foundation” for a reason—it’s a base layer meant to act as the functional scaffolding for your look, rather than enhance or highlight certain features. It’s also earned somewhat of a negative connotation: It seems the classic foundations of yore have been largely phased out in favor of trendy new incarnations, like tinted primers and BB (and CC, and DD) creams.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation ($52,, however, is as light, airy, and effortless to apply as its tinted moisturizer-esque counterparts, with all the buildable coverage (you can skip concealer, just layer for correction where needed) and complexion-perfecting properties of a true foundation, minus the heavy feeling or tendency to cake. And you heard it here first—the cult favorite Rouge Bunny Rouge products, formerly only available in England and Russia, just hit the American market a few weeks ago.

Used with a foundation brush or our beloved Beauty Blender, the gel formula of Milk Aquarelle smooths and softens all skin types and leaves behind the dreamiest airbrush finish that seems perfectly appropriate for Rouge Bunny Rouge’s whimsical, feathers-and-dandelions branding. Light as a feather, indeed.

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