How to (Really) Get a Body Like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: A Celeb Trainer Breaks it Down

rosie huntington whiteley red carpet

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When Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shared her workout routine video this week to Instagram, we were pretty keen to try it out for ourselves. Obviously, if there’s a chance that a little of Rosie’s glow is going to rub off, a girl doesn’t turn it down. Here, watch the video yourself:


Except the 15-second, fast-forwarded workout video (shown above) is pretty hard to break down for anyone wanting to try it out at home. So we chatted celebrity trainer, Astrid Swan–who specializes in sculpting A-list bodies–for an expert’s take on Rosie’s routine.

Astrid trains celeb clients like Julianne Hough, contributes workouts to fitness video site CosmoBody, and is a former model herself. Here’s how she says you can recreate Rosie’s workout yourself–at home, or at the gym.

1. Cardio warm up

Start with some light cardio for about five minutes to get warmed up. “This could be a jog, jumping rope, or jumping jacks,” Astrid suggests. “Just get your heart rate up for 3 to 5 minutes. You want your body to be warm to get the most out of the workout and not risk injury.”

2. Kick backs

That weird movement Rosie does on all fours is actually called a kick-back, and it’s great for your butt. Astrid explains how it’s done: “Start on all fours, pull your knee into your chest and flex your foot as you extend the leg back.”

Rosie is using ankle weights in the video, but it’s not necessary if you don’t have them at home, or if it’s too hard. “Instead, just create your own resistance like you are trying to push your leg through mud,” Astrid said. “Remember to hold your leg straight, keeping your abs engaged, and then bend your knee and extend back 20 times to work your hamstring. Repeat on the other side. Do this for a tight and toned, lifted butt.”

3. T planks

The next part in Rosie’s workout video is how she gets those killer abs and toned shoulders. Astrid says it’s simple to copy the move: “While in pushup position, with your legs slightly wider than hip width, open up your body to the side by lifting one arm up to the sky–remembering to keep your hips up–and then return back to pushup position and repeat the other side. Do 20 (10 per side) to tone the shoulders, back and core.” Hello, Rosie abs.

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4. Mountain climbers

“Keeping the above pushup position, make sure your shoulders are right over your wrists, pull knees into your chest at a quick base,” Astrid explained. “Really think about crunching your abdominals each time your knee comes forward. You will feel your heart rate go up, your abs will be on fire, and your upper body will be working hard to support you.” She recommends doing 60 climbs, 30 per leg.

5. Cardio and tone

Not everyone has access to the band setup Rosie’s using in the video, but there’s still a way to get in a solid cardio and toning session that will yield the same results. “As many of us do not have access to a band set up like this, I would recommend using light weights, 3-5 lbs, and create your own mini circuit,” Astrid said. She recommend that circuit include: Shoulder press jumping jacks x 20 reps, cross over punches x 20 reps, and upper cuts x 20 reps.

“Your heart rate will be up and your shoulders will be worked,” Astrid promised.

6. Pikes on stability ball

Sure, Rosie makes this move look easy, but Astrid actually warns it’s quite an advanced exercise. “Try it and if it is too much, there are always options. With your hands on the floor, feet on the stability ball, pike your hips up to the ceiling as you draw your belly in, roll the ball up towards your hands and with control return back to starting position. Go for 10-20 reps.”

If that’s too hard or you don’t have a stability ball, she suggests trying this to work your core, arms, and back: “In top plank position, walk your feet forward towards your hand as you draw your hips up to the ceiling, crunch your belly and slowly walk your feet back to starting position. 10-20 reps.”

7. Hamstring curls on stability ball

Want legs like Rosie? Try this: “Lay on your back, feet up on the stability ball, and hands by your hips. Lift hips off of the ground, squeezing your glutes. Without letting your back arch, draw your heels into the ball as you pull it towards your glutes. Slowly return legs back straight, keeping hips up the entire time. Go for 20 reps,” Astrid said.

If you don’t have a stability ball, she suggests putting a towel under your feet and doing the same thing.

8. Bridge roll ups

Astrid recommends repeating this move for 25 reps: “Lay on the floor, bend your knees and extend your hands straight down by your side. Line up your heels with your finger tips. Lift hips up, squeeze and slowly roll back down,” she said.

“Erica and Rosie are using a ball between their knees, which is an extra burn for you inner thighs as well as the back of legs and glutes. If you do not have a soft ball to use, you can roll up a towel and squeeze the towel or do without.”

9. Figure Four Stretch

Now that the hard part is over, you should make a bit of time to warm down and stretch.

Astrid recommends the “figure four stretch” for your legs and butt: “Lay on your back, bend one knee and place foot over opposite knee–and be sure to keep that foot flexed to protect the knee. Reach through the center of the ‘4’ and pull into the chest,” she said.