Real Girl Makeover: “I Want Rose Gold Hair”

Megan Segura

Photo: Ally Lindsay

A really good makeover is all about going outside your comfort zone and embracing an entirely new look. But if you’re not in the mood to chop off all your hair, the only other option is to change your hair color. Our latest Real Girl Makeover subject, Julie, did just that.

When Julie saw Sienna Miller‘s rose gold highlights back in December, she had the same reaction many of us did: “I want that.”

“Of all the versions of rose gold that I’ve seen, I loved how Sienna’s was actually grounded in her natural brown and blonde shades,” says Julie. “It seemed like a sort of grown up take on what’s normally a really ‘young’ color.”

To make the new look happen, we visited Rick Wellman, the owner and color director at the Patrick Melville Salon.


Photo: Ally Lindsay

“Pink and rose tones are generally not a huge request, but it is gaining popularity,” says Wellman. “Pink is not a natural color one is born with, so it has to be manually created by lightening natural or tinted  color and then adding artificial pigments.”

Because Julie is not a blonde like Sienna, Rick had his own interpretation of what the new look should be. “For Julie, I decided to go a softer approach and bleach with an ammonia-free lightener, due to her course hair texture.”

Photo: Ally Lindsay

Photo: Ally Lindsay

The result ended up being a rosy auburn color that really complemented Julie’s skin tone and coloring. “I love my color now. I think it’s really brightened up my face and allowed me to play a lot more with my makeup.”

For days when Julie wants to go even pinker, she uses Davines Alchemic Conditioner in Red ($28.50,, which helps give her hair a little bit more of that pastel goodness we see on Sienna.

Photo: Getty Images; Ally Lindsay

Photo: Getty Images; Ally Lindsay

Photographer: Ally Lindsay
Colorist: Rick Wellman  
Makeup & Stylist: Adam Maclay
Salon: Patrick Melville Salon, 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10111, 212-218-8650

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