A Genius New Contraption Will Mix Up Fresh Face Cream for You Daily

Rachel Krause
romy paris figure

Photo: WWD

Technology moves quickly—there’s a new iPhone, like, every six months at this point—so we’re frankly kind of shocked that it took beauty industry innovators this long to come up with something like the brand-new Romy Paris gizmo. It’s a game changer in every sense of the word: It’ll totally revamp both your skin-care routine and the beauty-tech world at large.

It looks like a fancy speaker, or maybe a sex toy, but it’s in essence, as WWD called it, “a Nespresso-like machine”—five years in the making!—that mixes up fresh face cream for you whenever you need it. How does it work? It contains capsules packed with highly concentrated ingredients that it then combines with a supply of serum or cream. Better still, the end product is customized to the very last detail: You use your phone to fill out an in-depth questionnaire that then narrows down your personal formula from about 1,000 possible ingredient combos. Yep, there’s an app for that.

“The idea is really to propose connected intelligence in cosmetics,” Morgan Acas, one of the French company’s cofounders, explained to WWD. It’s really, really smart: Romy Paris is taking advantage of the ever-growing mobile technology world that dominates our daily lives and making a useful tool out of it, not just another Kardashian game.

The contraption itself is called Figure, and the brand is describing it as a “mini laboratory” and a “beauty assistant.” As you can probably imagine, this kind of personalized experience does not come cheap. Each Figure retails for 490 euros, or $547, and includes three months’ worth of treatment … but if you have cash to spare and live and die by your skin-care routine, what better way is there to spend your money?

Romy won’t stop here: It’s noodling with more capsule types as we speak, and the app will continue to evolve too. Brand executives hint at the concept broadening to involve hair-care products, too, for instance. We’re fully on board, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they at some point figure out a way to take this technology and make it just a little bit more affordable.

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