Get The Look: Romantic Hair Inspired By CW’s “Reign”

Beauty High

To celebrate the Oct. 17 premiere of “Reign,” a new series from The CW, we got together with one of our favorite New York hairstylists to show you how to master the gorgeous looks directly from the show. If you’ve been feeling a void since “Gossip Girl” ended last winter, we’ve got your fix. “Reign” has a lot of the same themes as the Upper East side drama—wealth and deception, love and death—but is paired with British accents and period costumes.

The plot focuses on 16th century monarch Mary, Queen of Scots, played by Australian actress Adelaide Kane, and her engagement to Prince Francis, heir to the French throne. But naturally, this young couple is not destined for happily ever after: Love triangles, psychic visions, and betrayal ensue, which makes “Reign” one of our new favorite guilty pleasures.

Despite taking place in the 16th century, Mary’s hairstyles from the show are still totally modern. With romantic braids, classic waves, and ethereal headpieces, she could easily be mistaken for a Brooklyn fashionista (just maybe with a few extra petticoats and a corset thrown in). Not only are braids and waves super-trendy for fall, but these looks are perfect for a night out or brunch with the girls. If you’re looking to create a little extra detail, a delicate headpiece a la Mary is a great way to make your look stand out.

Hairstylist Alice An has put together this video tutorial above to help you master these stunning looks. So, get your bobby pins and hairspray ready to work—and tune in to The CW at 9/8c on Thursday, Oct. 17, to catch the series premiere of “Reign“!

Video by Alissa Huff

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