Rita Hazan’s Glycolic Pedicure


If you regularly follow my beauty quips, you know that my Achilles heel is, well, my heel. Actually, it’s my feet in general, and their resemblance to those of a woman who has never worn shoes, let alone had a pedicure. So, when I was invited to the Rita Hazan salon for their glycolic pedicure, I could barely throw my shoes off fast enough.

I arrived at the Rita Hazan salon last week prepared with my usual opening speech for the unfortunate soul who has been given the task of dealing with my soles. Apologizing for the dry cracks and seemingly dirty feet, Mara, my lovely pedicurist, seemed un-phased. Rather than beginning my pedicure with the usual disapproving look and speech on how I need to take better care of my feet (to which I always reply that I get pedicures more often than most) Mara, instead began my pedicure with a compliment; she said I had such lovely legs and that she was sure she could get my feet to match. I loved her already.

After soaking my feet in warm water and the usual cuticle treatment, Mara used a rubber brush to paint my feet with an acidic peel made of water and propylene glycol that penetrates the feet to eliminate dry skin and prepare calluses for removal. While callus-removing gels often sting or burn or itch or just seem too harsh even for my well-weathered soles, the gel Mara used was soothing and gentle on my precious pinkies. After ten minutes of relaxation, Mara wiped the glycolic gel off my feet, along with layers of (dirty) dead skin cells. My feet already looked and felt unbelievably better. She then used a foot scrub to further remove the dead skin from my feet for a smoother-than-ever-before result. With Chanel’s gorgeous Gold Fiction painted on my toes (which Mara slyly snuck out of her secret stash when I asked for a golden hue), my feet felt fabulous and looked lovelier than ever.

While the results were remarkable, more impressive is the fact that my feet, almost a week later, are still as soft and smooth as they were when I left Mara. Although this may not be particularly remarkable for those of you who can get away with a pedicure every six weeks, for me, this is groundbreaking. Mara said that with her glycolic pedicure I, too, can revert to getting pricey pedicures less often. And while I would usually be skeptical of such a claim, I actually believe her.

Rita Hazan Glycolic Pedicure, $85, at Rita Hazan Salon.