Rihanna’s Signature Stiletto Manicure Has Turned Into Talons

Amanda Elser

Don’t get on Rihanna’s bad side these days, she may claw you. The singer has always been known for her lengthy manicures on and off the red carpet, but she showed up at the Tokyo premiere of Battleship yesterday rocking what looked more like Falcon claws than a manicure.

In defense of RiRi, we are partial to the ombre effect the nails have. It’s just the pointy curve that’s probably going to give us nightmares tonight. We miss her almond or stiletto shaped tips (seen on the left) — classic and chic, yet still edgy.

Tell us what you think of Rihanna’s latest manicure! Long, pointy and angular, these tips could definitely cause some damage, but don’t just take our word for it — is this manicure a do or don’t?

Image via Style.com