Rihanna Just Revealed the Coolest Turquoise Blue Hair

Rihanna Just Revealed the Coolest Turquoise Blue Hair
Photo: Getty Images

As much as we’d hate to come off as fangirls, it’s honestly impossible for us to talk about Rihanna without our full-blown (read: embarrassing) obsession bleeding through. Seriously, Rihanna is undeniably an all-around boss, and time and time again she proves to the beauty world that confidence is all you need to pull off any damn look. So today, when the 29-year-old debuted bright-turquoise blue hair, we just about lost our shit.

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And we’re not talking about that icy, muted sherbet we’ve seen on the likes of Kaley Cuoco this summer, but the most vibrant, mermaid-like blue to grace our news feeds in quite some time. “When yo hurr ready for corp ova’,” the singer captioned her Instagram video of the new look. According to Instagram, after wrapping up the “Valerian” press tour, Rihanna headed home to the Barbados for Crop Over Festival—her bright-ass hair in tow.

Following the video, Rihanna uploaded a close-up shot of her hair (paired with matching blue nails, no less), captioning it “crawpova. ’17.” In less than 24 hours, the photo is already loaded with over one million likes and thousands of comments. “Queen is slaying it 💕💕💕,” one person wrote, while another added, “So the blue hair mustve been the Wild Thoughts she was thinkin about 😂😂.”  To be honest, we’re a little relieved we’re not alone in our Rihanna love.

As cool as her blue hair looks, Rihanna isn’t exactly one to opt for a long-term hairstyle—i.e., we’re fairly positive this one isn’t sticking around. But regardless of when Rihanna switches it up next, we’ll be on board with turquoise for the entirety of its tenure.

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