Rihanna’s Routine: Shellac Nails & Emergency Waxes


Photo: © Jon Furniss/WireImage

CND’s Shellac nail treatment has been invading nail salons across the country since it launched last year, spawning several brand knock-offs and a cult celebrity following. Among the stars who can’t get enough of the four-step process that cures under a UV lamp to give a two-week chip-free finish: Rihanna.

As an original member of the CND fan club, Rihanna rocked a Shellac manicure in Wildfire for her cameo in Eminem’s ‘Love The Way You Lie’ music video, and stopped in Milan for a VIP appointment with brand manicurist Flavia Pitton, who Shellacked the diva’s nails in Black Pool (a stark, jet black).

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“I love the easy application and the ‘just like polish’ appeal that make CND Shellac’d nails always so chic, even when you go for a trendy design,” Pitton told US Weekly.

We hear Rihanna takes her music video styling seriously, as her on-set regimen goes far beyond permanent manicures. The singer had a 2 am emergency bikini wax while shooting a video in Ireland recently.

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A source dished, “Rihanna arrived at her hotel very late and the first thing she wanted was a bikini wax. The video shoot was scheduled for the following morning… Her assistants got on the case quickly and called some beauticians after finding a directory on the web. It was a relief all around when they finally managed to find someone.”