4 Savage Fenty Beauty Clap Backs That Remind Us to Never Come for Rihanna

4 Savage Fenty Beauty Clap Backs That Remind Us to Never Come for Rihanna
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In the internet community, Rihanna is known as the clap back queen. There is no troll too intimidating and no shade too savage for her to face. And when it comes to Fenty Beauty, her just-launched award-winning makeup company, you better believe that Rihanna is defending her baby until the day she dies.

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Of course, there are always trolls who can never take the hint and decide to come for RihRih, despite her past of epic shut downs. Some of these critics happen to be fans (to which Rihanna will answer nicely), while others are pure haters, who deserve no restraint from 29-year-old. Ahead, take a look at the six times Rihanna schooled Fenty Beauty critics. Hell hath no fury like a beauty lover scorned.

1. When Make Up for Ever Tried Coming for Fenty Beauty

In September, shortly after Fenty Beauty launched, Make Up For Ever tried coming for Fenty Beauty’s 40-shade foundation range. Considering the praise that Fenty Beauty was receiving for its wide and diverse foundation range, the competitor chimed in to point out that, since 2015, its also had a 40-shade foundation range.

“40 shades is nothing new to us -👄- Since 2015, the #ultraHDfoundation released 40 shades for everyone’s unique skin tone understanding the difference between red and yellow undertones,” Make Up For Ever wrote in an Instagram caption, highlighting its Ultra HD Foundation.

Not having it, Rihanna clapped back in the comments by calling Make Up For Ever’s foundation “ashy” and adding a petty “shook” and “lol” for good measure.

2. When Someone Criticized How Rihanna Ran Her Business

In December, Rihanna excitedly announced on Instagram that she restocked (or rihstocked) her website with Fenty Beauty’s fan-favorite Profiltr Foundation, after the item sold out almost immediately following its release. One person, who was unhappy with how long it took Rihanna to replenish her inventory, called her out for it. “Girl 6 months later,” the user commented.

Not having someone talk smack about how she ran her business, Rihanna promptly clapped back. She explained that Fenty Beauty’s success was unprecedented and that she overstocked for four months, but didn’t expect the foundations to sell out almost immediately. She also asked the user what his shade was. “Sis. we overstocked for 4 months plus,” she wrote. “But what can I do when errbody luh da kid?!…also what’s your shade sis?”

3. When Someone Thought Rihanna Looked High in Her Fenty Beauty Promos

In December, shortly after she released her Mattemoiselle lipstick line, Rihanna posted a photo of her modeling the shade “PMS.” One user, who didn’t like the way Rihanna posed in her picture, called her out for looking high. “You look high as shit,” the user commented.

Rihanna hit back by explaining that she wasn’t high by “PMS’d,” both referencing the shade of lipstick she was wearing and potentially her mood at the time.

4. When Someone Called Out Rihanna for Not Featuring Any Trans Models

Though this isn’t a savage clap back, this Rihanna response proves that she has an answer to everything when it comes to Fenty Beauty. In November, a Twitter user DM’d Rihanna, expressing his disappointment in the lack of gender diversity and transgender models in her Fenty Beauty marketing. “Fenty Beauty campaign is awesome, next time you record something you should invite a trans girl to the group.”

Expecting the criticism, Rihanna explained that she didn’t include a trans model because she didn’t want to tokenize trans people by holding a casting call specifically for trans talent. She also called out brands who use trans people as “convenient marketing tools,” something she can relate to as a black woman who is also often tokenized. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with many gifted trans women throughout the years, but I don’t go around doing trans castings!” Rihanna replied.