Rihanna Beauty Evolution

Rihanna Beauty Evolution
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These days, Rihanna may be known for her loud, ever-changing, daring style and beauty. She’s the edgy girl, always willing to push the envelope and take risks even if those risks are sometimes met with mixed reviews.

But that hasn’t always been the Rihanna we’ve grown to know and love. Once upon a time, she was just a shy 16-year-old, plucked fresh from Barbados. In the past five years, she has gone from innocent newcomer to sultry, mega star who always has people guessing.

Join me on a journey through memory lane, as we relive some of Ri Ri’s best and worst beauty looks of the past five years.

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When she first burst onto the music scene back in 2005, she was all glowing and fresh-faced – just like a 17 year old should be.

With the release of her second album just weeks away, Rihanna decided to ditch the straight locks for an over-the-top curly 'do that would leave a bit more of an impression.

Rihanna went old-Hollywood glamour in 2006, with a bold lip and a sophisticated updo.

For the 2006 Billboard Music Awards, Rihanna really rocked the boobs and hair extensions, desperate to prove that the innocent-looking girl from the Pon de Replay days was gone forever. 

By 2007, Rihanna ditched the hair extensions in favor of a much shorter 'do, complete with bangs – the current trend du jour.

Whoops, she fooled us – it turns out the bangs were fake. Just a week later, she appeared on TRL, sans bangs. But note the red highlights – a little preview of things to come.

She appeared at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards in February 2008, sporting her shortest haircut to date. I'm really loving the nude lip and natural makeup, a welcome change from the makeup-heavy looks we're used to seeing from her.

And we're back! I'm actually really loving the blue cat-eye, but between the blonde streaks and volume of the hair, this look is a little too theatrical for my taste. On the other hand, I do applaud her for always pushing the envelope.

The red lip is perfection, the cat eye is perfection and the hair is, well, not so great. I could give her a hard time for this one, but we probably should all cut her some slack – considering this appearance was a mere months after the Chris Brown Debacle of 2009.

This girl's hair has been every color of the rainbow. We get it Ri Ri, there isn't a hair color you can't pull off. But lets be honest – the red eyeliner is a little – actually a lot – scary.

This is certainly not your little brother's bowl cut. Rihanna somehow makes this style, usually reserved for 8-year-old boys, look pretty damn sexy. I hate to sound all Tyra Banks by using the word fierce, but can you think of another way to describe Rihanna in this photo?

Back in July, Rihanna debuted her new fire-engine red locks, shocking us all. On anyone else this look would be clownish (especially with those polka dots), but on Ri Ri it somehow just works. If only we were all so blessed!

It's true that things really do come full circle. These days, Rihanna may still be rocking the red hair, but she's gone back to the long, straight hair we first saw back in 2005. Well, at least for now – because with this chameleon, you really never know what's next.

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