Rihanna’s Makeup Artist Shares the Key to Achieving Her Clumpy Eyelash Look

Photo: Getty Images

The unspoken—or sometimes, actually spoken—rule of mascara is to avoid clumps. On occasion, the spidery look is sought after, but usually people work every bit of spooly magic to rid of the clusters. However, when it comes to Rihanna, it’s as if the rule book has been thrown out the window and she does what she wants (which more often than not produces drool-worthy beats).

If you haven’t been able to sidestep the singer’s eggplant pout or blinding highlight, you might’ve noticed she tends to favor the clumped look for her eyelashes. Long-time makeup artist and Global Makeup Artist for Fenty Beauty, Priscilla Ono, recently sat down with Allure to talk #FentyFace and lucky for us, she also revealed her trick to get RiRi’s favorite lashes.

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It apparently all lies in the way you hold the applicator. She said, “When I apply mascara I don’t apply it with the brush across, I kind of do it where the brush is pointed toward the eye, and I kind of do one clump at a time to make them look nice and clumpy.”

Ono also explained the trick “makes your lashes look really full and it gives a little edge to the look.” So, if you’re going for subtle and sweet, this may not be your thing. But for when you go big and bold, keep this nugget in mind.

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We’ll just be sitting here, waiting patiently for the next Rihanna hack to come our way.