Rihanna’s Fragrance of Choice Smells Like a Very Expensive Marshmallow

Rachel Krause
Getty Images

Getty Images

Rihanna, a certified badass who frequently goes by the alias Bad Gal RiRi, has never struck me as the type of person who would wear a perfume inspired by marshmallows. (To reiterate: She is bad.) And yet! Her friend @stylishgent (real identity unclear) shared via Instagram that the Barbadian queen of everything is a fan of Kilian’s Love, Don’t Be Shy.

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As a very important side note, this is the first time Rihanna has confessed to wearing a fragrance aside from her own (that said, I strongly doubt any celebrity actually wears their own branded perfume), and she wasn’t exactly thrilled by @stylishgent’s revelation. “That’s some secret bullshit,” she protests over him. “I don’t even tell anyone what I wear.”

I get it: Disclosing your “signature” fragrance is the equivalent of admitting to the world that you weren’t just born smelling, in Rihanna’s case, “as tender as orange blossom, as luscious as a marshmallow,” or like a “sexy treat for grown-ups.” But considering a 1.7 oz bottle of Love, Don’t Be Shy will run you a cool $260, I can’t imagine every member of the Rihanna Navy will be flocking to a By Kilian boutique anytime soon.Β Rubbing marshmallows all over your body is a cheaper and more readily available alternative will suffice.

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