Rihanna Wore Bright Blue Lipstick to Her NYFW Party—and it Was Everything

Rachel Krause


Blue lipstick may not be our daytime shade of choice, but it’s not entirely out of the question for an after-dark statement look—especially since Rihanna just made it look ridiculously cool at her New York Fashion Week party Thursday night. Paired with groomed brows, a bit of bronzy shadow for dimension, and a flicked-out cat eye, the cerulean metallic lip, well, worked.

That said, a good blue lipstick formula is hard to come by, but we suspect this one may have come courtesy of RiRi’s BFF Leandra, who launched a color cosmetics collection called Free Spirits a few months ago.

You might recall Rihanna shouting the line out on Instagram in April, when she got her hands on the brand’s Purple Haze lipstain, which she had to wait an entire year to get. (Side note: Being one the world’s biggest stars clearly means nothing when faced with obsessive beauty junkies.)


As for the dreamy blue shade, we’d put money on the fact that it can be snagged right here … as soon as it comes back in stock, that is.

If you simply can’t wait, check out NYX’s near-perfect $6 dupe here, which is very much available.