Ricci Ricci Smells Pretty Pretty


When you see a fragrance called Ricci Ricci, your first thought may be, “oh, no, what’s Nicole up to now?” But have no fear, it’s just Nina and Jess Stam in a catsuit and fingerless gloves, wanting you to smell lovely for fall.

Following the insanely popular fragrance Nina, the next scent is so nice they named it twice. Ricci Ricci’s new demographic is more the working woman 20-45, rather than her usual college crowd. Created by Givaudan perfumers Jacques Huclier and Aurélien Guichard, the scent is said to smell like rhubarb zest and bergamot. (So…pie?) There is also something among the top notes called belle de nuit, also known as the “four o’clock flower.” To further complicate things, the base notes are made up of sandalwood and patchouli; this will give the perfume the mature scent Ricci is aiming for.

The ad for Ricci Ricci is basically Jess Stam covered in ribbon frolicking around Paris, which was the inspiration for the scent. Who doesn’t want to see Jess Stam covered in…anything? Following the very pretty bottle of Nina, Ricci Ricci doesn’t disappoint in the aesthetic department; pretty and pink and covered in ribbon.

Ricci Ricci will be launched in France August 24, and in the U.S. sometime in 2010.